Jason A. Michael is such a great writer. Thank you for making me feel like I met her. - Michael Coleman, New York, NY

Such a great story. You did a terrific job writing this. It’s almost as if it came straight from Phyllis. - Tyree Carpenter, Sparta, TN

Jason Michael’s book is a thoroughly researched, thought-provoking piece of work that elegantly honors the smooth soul singer while sensitively exploring Hyman’s troubles with bipolar disorder, depression and mental illness. Throughout this excellent biography, Michael treats his subject like royalty, warts and all. And the print quality of this self-published book would put most major publishers to shame. Be warned, once you start reading this biography, you don’t want to put it down. It’s like being glued to a good mystery novel. - John Hughes, Jr. / Nashville, TN

I grabbed the book and couldn’t put it down until I had finished it. Whewwww! Everything was candid, yet well written – straight with no chaser! - Stephanie Hill-Ross / Detroit, MI

You have done an outstanding job on this biography. It tells her story without sinking to the tabloid level. - Annette Pulliam / Falls Church, VA

I really feeling like I’m peering through a window while she’s going through these moments in her life and feeling her issues. - Charli Johnson / Jackson, MS

A very powerful book. As a music fan, it taught me the ins and outs of Phyllis’s musical journey. As a human being, it showed me how important it is to surrender to truth. - Michelle J. Bitunjac / Los Angeles, CA

I bought the book and cannot put it down. You did an awesome job capturing the heart and struggles of one of my all-time favorite singers without exploiting her. - Judith Norman / Redondo Beach, CA

You did a masterful job. - Dianne Washington / New York, NY

It’s a wonderful piece of work. It is a powerful, powerful story. Thanks for taking the time and energy to give her fans a masterpiece to treasure. - Alesia Wright-McAdoo / Detroit, MI

Thank you for doing such an excellent job with your book on Ms.Hyman. I would like to think that she would have loved its honesty, and that maybe her story will help others who continue to suffer from mental illness. - Richard Lee Gray / Chicago, IL

May I commend you on your extraordinary endeavor in writing this masterpiece! You write with such sensitivity, objectivity, and perception that the life of Ms. Hyman almost literally came to life before my eyes as I read each page. In the tradition of David Ritz who penned Marvin Gaye’s biography ‘Divided Soul’, your literary talent went from strength to strength as you captured and translated the tragic life of Phyllis on paper. - Renee Dolo / Philadelphia, PA

Words can’t express how much your book on one of the most gifted human beings has moved me. I do believe that Ms. Hyman wouldn’t have been so pleased! - Mz Doni / Chicago, IL

I absolutely loved your well-researched and well-written book. - Tracy Spurlin / San Jose, CA

Your book has provided me with an insight of Phyllis that allows me to appreciate more her phrasing, choice of songs and singing (not that I needed much help there) in the same way David Ritz did with ‘Divided Soul’ about Marvin Gaye. - Paul Marshall / Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Thank you, Jason, for making me laugh and cry while reading your biography of Phyllis Hyman. You are to be commended for writing this thorough biography, despite all the hurdles you had to overcome. - Javier Delgado / Chicago, IL

I approached the book with great optimism despite the recent disappointments of the recent Bobby Womack and Rick James autobiographies. These latter two accounts fell short of what they might have been and represent somewhat shallow, sporadic anecdotal stories, which do not do justice to the significance of the two men involved. However your book goes right beneath the surface and into Phyllis’s world and more importantly her mind. - Rob Dunbar / Catford, London, England

I read the book and I have to tell you that you did a masterful job. I knew Phyllis a little bit and this really helped me know her intimately. - Alan Mercer / West Hollywood, CA

Your book is a must read for entertainers struggling in the music industry and for women of courage who seek to empower themselves and attain steadfast conviction in their beliefs. - Melanie Odom / Detroit, MI

Thank you so very much for the most wonderful book. I have been constantly engrossed, amazed and thrilled at the level of detail you were able to write about so well. Your book is the absolute bible of Phyllis Hyman’s amazing and tragic life. - Alison Cooper / South Wales, Australia